This site has been set up to highlight the tragic and appauling case of Christopher Alder. He died in police custody in 1998 while officers in Hull made racial gestures and comments, ignoring his obvious need for medical attention. To date no one has been held accountable for the disgraceful actions of the officers concerned despite CCTV footage of the incident clearly demonstrating what resulted in the unlawful killing of Christopher alder.

Please sign the Justice for Christopher Alder & Family petition so that they can finally receive the justice they are entitled to and the closure they deserve.

4 Responses to “Home”

  • This another sad representation of justice in the nation’s number state for executions and lack of due process, a right guaranteed to all citizens not put through the Texas “filter of racism and bias.”. This man deserves redress of the issues not raised his incompetent attorney at the initial trial. Gob. Perry should be ashamed!

  • Doreen:

    It’s shocking I feel for any one close to Christopher, there is still a lot of racism it’s sad to say in this day and age but I believe he was killed by the police purely because of race, even though he fought for this country. Institutional Racism is the problem today In education, healthcare public service the forces rarely do black people get far because of the people at the tops racist views.
    I’m mixed race and in every aspect of my life I’ve encountered racism, at school by teachers and pupils at college by lecturers and at university first from a lecturer/head of faculty in front of the class and then later in university by students, by people in the street people in shops and many times at work in previous jobs, when my late mother was in hospital I found both ward sisters and nurses were unusually abrupt and ignorant without knowing anything about me except that I’m black.
    I’d like to organise an event in Sheffield for Black History week and I think Christopher Alder and the names of all the other Black men and women who have died as a result of police brutality or other racist incidents It should not be ignored
    Please contact me if you are interested in the event.

  • sue norris.:

    i grew up with chris and loved him with all my heart. he was one of the loveliest, kind, careing people i have ever met.the officers involved in his death or as i see it “MURDER” should rot in hell. they should not be allowed to walk the streets but spend the rest of there lives locked up. i do believe it was a racial crime especially as they stood over him while his life ebbed away making racial noises. my heart and love go out to janet and her family to carry on fighting for justice for chris, love broken hearted sue xx.

  • George Coombs:

    An excellent site, I am well aware of the responsibility out “justice” system hold for Christopher’s passing, I will be returning often to this site